Welcome to Sintercafe 24th Edition!


Dear coffee friends,

After a successful event in Guanacaste we are back in San José. This year we will host Sintercafe XXIV at the Intercontinental Hotel on November 11th-13th.

Availability and pricing of washed Arabicas continue to present great challenges to our industry. This year Sintercafe XXIV will discuss these challenges and will analyze real solutions for the future. What is the real potential for Central America? How much coffee will Colombia produce? Is local consumption in producing countries competing with exports? How are roasters addressing this situation? We have also included a series of workshops, presentations and tours.

This year’s program goal is to provide decision making tools for your business as well as the traditional networking environment to reconnect with friends and business colleagues from all over the world.

Come and join us in Costa Rica for Sintercafe XXIV. We look forward to your participation!!


Arnoldo Leiva


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