Sponsorship Opportunities


Position your brand at this well known coffee event and gain exposure to the coffee world’s decision makers.

You can sponsor one of the following activities and besides having exposure during the specific event you will also have your brand and logo on Sintercafe’s Web page and on the official programme.

  • Welcome package bag - $6,000
  • Lunches - $ 4,000 (each)
  • Coffee Breaks - $ 3,000 (each)


Sponsorship / AD In Programme

Sponsorship for the event: if you wish to sponsor the event, your logo will be shown on promotional items such as banners, flyers, etc.

These are the options:

  • Sponsorship + full page in programme - $ 2,000
  • Sponsorship + half page in programme - $ 1,000


If you only want to publish an ad in the programme:

  • Full page - $ 1,500
  • Half page - $ 750


Insert in welcome bag $1,000
The sponsor should give the material to the Sintercafe organization before September 30th 2012.
It will be distributed to all Sintercafe participants in the welcome package.


Our Sponsors

Thank you all for your support