NOVEMBER 7-11 2018


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NOVEMBER 7-11 2018




Keeping our commitment to offer our participants the best conferences with the latest news about this industry, we are working on a program that we hope it's of your interest.

Some of our speakers and topics:

Vivek Verma, MD & Global Head for Coffee, Dairy and Commodity Financial Services at OLAM International will introduce the group’s history and Olam’s Coffee business including its foray into plantations and soluble manufacturing.  He will present both, the major global trends in agriculture generally and coffee specifically that are impacting the coffee supply chain while sharing his views on various subjects that are currently affecting the coffee industry, including price volatility, global S&D, consumer trends  and sustainability issues.


Carlos Mera, Senior Analyst for Rabobank, will share his vision of the current situation of the global supply/demand.

Mark DiDomenico, Director/ Client Solutions of Datassential, will present "Coffee Drinking Trends in the U.S." and will feature insights from the NCA’s National Coffee Drinking Trends study, as well as some additional data from Datassential’s Buzz Coffee and Tea Tracking study.

Keith Flury, Head of Coffee Research for Volcafé, is one of our frequent speakers. Due to his extensive experience, his reports always offer actual data and accurate outlooks. In this occasion he will present " The Dragon in the Room; The Impacts (and Potential) of China in the Global Coffee Market”.

Ellen Jordan Reidy, President and Founder of America’s Food Technologies, Inc. (AMFOTEK®), will talk about the gender program she is leading with CQI "Improved Supply Chain Resilience through Gender Equity".

Mark Williams, Senior Vice President in Brown Brothers Harriman’s Private Banking division, is another well-known respected speaker at Sintercafé. His global economic updates are a "must" for our audience.

Keizo Sato, Managing Director in Wataru&Co. Ltd, Japan, will talk about the Japanese coffee market, history, characteristics and preferences, and also will explain the current situation of the Specialty coffee segment in Japan which has been dramatically increased in the last ten years.

José Ramirez, Vice President of Coffee Sourcing for Farmer Brothers Coffee, USA, will share the history and development of Farmer Brothers, and how the company is involved with the specialty coffee market. 

Brian Loughman, Vice President for Atlantic USA, ECOM, comes on behalf of the Green Coffee Association presenting  "Green Coffee Association Dispute Resolution". He will present the difficulties that many green coffee transactions have from the producer to the roaster, and the possible solution. 

Dan Belliveau has over 30 years of engineering and management experience in automotive, snack food and other food related businesses. 

Geoff Watts: 20 Years of Stubbornness and Obsession:  An Intelli Story
Innovation is often born from frustration, and endurance is sometimes less a product of fitness than a result of sheer will.  Success in coffee requires both of these, along with a little luck and a strong sense of purpose. This talk is a brief look at the forces that have shaped Intelligentsia's development over the past two decades.