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  • Sintercafé 26th Anniversary - Official Inauguration Introduction
    Mr. Arnoldo Leiva, President of Sintercafe

  • Sintercafé 26th Anniversary - Official Inauguration
  • "The World of Coffee in 2017 - Who wants What from Whom?"
    Mr. David M. Neumann, CEO, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe
  • Session 1: “COSTA RICA: An added value”
    Mr. Luis Eduardo Campos, Coffee Producer & General Manager, Café Altura de San Ramón
  • Session 2: “Coffee. It’s New Future. Our Deeper Connection”
    Mrs. Majka Burhardt, Coffee Ethiopia

  • Session 3: “Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Sourcing Quality in Markets High and Low?”
    Mr. Doug Welsh, Vice President, Peet’s Coffee & Tea
  • Session 4: “The Future for Specialty Coffee”
    Mr. Ric Rhinehart, Executive Director, Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)
  • Session 5: “Coffee & Climate”
    Mr. Michael Opitz, Chairman of the Board of Management, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung



  • Session 6: “Colombia: Renewed Coffee Growing”
    Mr. Juan Esteban Orduz, President, Colombian Coffee Federation

  • Session 7: “A Commodity Bank's Perspective on the Economy"
    Mr. Mark W. Williams, Vice President, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

  • Session 8: “Brasil, Coffee Country: Opportunities and Threats”
    Mr. Carlos Brando, P&A Marketing Internacional

  • Session 9: “Lavazza and the Italian Coffee Market”
    Mrs. Michela Stama, Lavazza

  • Session 10: “Market Outlook- Moving to an Era of Oversupply?”
    Mr. Keith Flury, Senior Commodity Analyst, Rabobank International

  • WORKSHOP 1: "Fair Trade Innovation: including small producers and other farm workers"
    Mr. Miguel Zamora, Director, Coffee Innovation and Producer Relations
  • WORKSHOP 2: "Energy from waste waters in Central America"
    Mrs. Vera Espindola, Latin America Coordinator, UTZ Certified

  • WORKSHOP 3: "Volatility, Instruments and Strategies to Optimize Coffee Prices"
    Mr. Albert Scalla, Executive vicepresident, INTL FCStone

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