NOVEMBER 7-11 2018


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Daniele giovannucci

Keynote Speaker

Daniele Giovannucci

President, COSA


Daniele Giovannucci is the co-founder and President of the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA), a global consortium of more than 60 institutions advancing innovative ways to measure and manage sustainability. His outlook on global trends is reflected in more than 60 books and publications and is grounded in experience across more than 30 countries.

His enthusiasm for a more pragmatic approach to sustainability and development stems from his first career as a business executive in food-related firms (US and Central America) and then as Senior Consultant in the World Bank – where he co-led most of their coffee efforts and publications for nearly a decade.

Committed to eliminating ignorance in sustainability discussions, his science-based approach has placed him at the forefront of sustainability innovations. He frequently serves as advisor to a number of governments and major agencies, including a United Nations appointment to chair the global teams formulating the strategic input on Food and Agriculture strategy and program chair for the International Trade Centre.

His academic work includes review and editorial guidance for various scientific and professional publications and teaching at the Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronimiques Mediterrannes and the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School). Today, downloads of his published work rank him in the top 1% annually of the more than quarter million professional authors tracked by the Social Science Research Network.


Alvaro pineda

Álvaro Pineda

Technical Sales Representative Latin America, Delta Technology


Guatemalan, 29, an expert in industrial assemblies and grain and seed processing plants, began as a technical service advisor for electronic machines in 2010 after finishing university as a business administrator, shortly thereafter he was hired as a sales consultant in a recognized technology company in Costa Rica, in 2013 he certified as a coffee cupper by the National Association of Coffee Growers (ANACAFÉ) - Guatemala, that same year he was hired as a technical service manager for a company representative of industrial machinery in Guatemala making assemblies to large multinational companies in Mexico and Central America, this leads him to make installations to Colombia, Peru and training in Brazil, North America and Mexico about machinery for milling, packaging and moisture meters.

In May 2017, he joined the Delta Technology team as an advisor for technical and industrial sales, taking care of the portfolio of Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Peru and East Africa, obtaining record sales results in a few months and opening a portfolio with the largest transnational companies globally, along with Delta Technology Corporation suppliers of electronic machinery for color sorting.


Amanda juris

Amanda Juris

SR Global Sourcing Specialist, Keurig Trading Sàrl, A KDP Company


Amanda began her coffee career as a barista in a Redmond, Washington coffee shop in 2007. Upon graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Global Studies, Amanda would go on to assume a variety of roles at the Starbucks Seattle global headquarters including coffee machine product development and green coffee quality. During this time Amanda also earned her Q Arabica grading license and won the United States Cup Tasters Championship, earning second place in the World Cup Tasters Championship in Melbourne, Australia in 2014.

In 2015 Amanda assumed the role of Director of Coffee and Green Coffee Buyer at Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California where she oversaw the coffee department and all supply chain relationships throughout the company’s growth spurt of over 100% in the duration of 3-years.

Today Amanda serves as a Senior Global Sourcing Specialist at Keurig Trading in Lausanne, Switzerland where she oversees the majority of African & Central American purchasing. Each morning she and her husband take turns brewing an Aeropress of fresh, hand-roasted coffee for their shared train-ride to work.


Anthony marten

Anthony Marten Herrera

Communications Officer, Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Environment (SAFE) Platform


Anthony Marten Herrera is the Communications Officer for the Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Environment (SAFE) Platform, managed by Hivos, which creates and supports projects that seek to transform coffee and cocoa landscapes throughout Latin America. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Communications from the University of Costa Rica, with a particular interest in gender equality, LGBTI issues, and youth empowerment. He has previously collaborated in projects with UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration.


Ariana araujo

Ariana Araujo Resenterra

Project Officer, Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Environment (SAFE) Platform


MSc. Ariana Araujo Resenterra holds an Anthropology degree from the University of Costa Rica, a Master’s in Development Studies, with a specialization in Local and Regional Development from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, and is a graduate of the Master’s in Sustainable Business from the University for International Cooperation.

She holds knowledge and experience in the fields of local and regional development, environment, gender, agriculture, socio-economic studies, and project formulation, execution, and evaluation, especially in international cooperation. She is the Project Officer for the SAFE Platform, managed by Hivos.


Arthur karuletwa

Arthur Karuletwa

Independent Consultant , Traceability & Blockchain


Arthur Karuletwa  is a social intrapreneur passionate about poverty reduction initiatives through coffee.

Arthur discovered his love for coffee 15 years ago after Graduating with a BS in Business Marketing at a Green Coffee classification, distribution and sample roasting facility in Seattle WA. He then moved to Proctor & Gamble’s Millstone Coffee, where he led NW distribution in channel outlets.

10 years after living and surviving through the 1994 genocide, he returned to his native home of Rwanda, to play a role in the socio-economic recovery of a post genocide era, as a consultant under the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, specifically, the Rural Sector Support Project - an IMF (International Monetary Fund) funded initiative. It is here he worked alongside public sector and development agencies to pioneer Rwanda into the Specialty Coffee Industry segment from an entrapped commoditized cycle of low production, low quality and low incentives. He was pivotal in getting the first ever Rwandan coffee into Starbucks Reserve Coffee portfolio, thereby establishing the first Starbucks Farmer Support Center in Africa.

Arthur founded the first Rwandan state of the art roaster-retail establishment called Bourbon Coffee primarily to enhance local consumption and specialty coffee awareness to the local population. His work was featured as top 20 investment ideas on CNN Money in Africa. Arthur then played a significant role to establish a vertically integrated coffee value chain with Rwanda Trading Company, a private company established by Westrock Coffee in Little Rock, AR, as the Vice President of Green Coffee Procurement, leading marketing and import/export of exclusive Rwandan Coffee globally.

It is here Arthur laid the foundation to develop an end-to-end traceability system that is a verification and certification tool for specialty products across the supply chain. He recently led the development and implementation of the system at Starbucks Coffee Company in over 25 countries, making the connection from the producer to the customer. Arthur is also a 2009 Legatum Fellow at MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently an independent traceability consultant.


Carlos mera

Carlos Mera

Senior Commodity Analyst, Rabobank


Carlos Mera joined Rabobank’s Agri Commodity Market Research team in January 2015 as a senior commodity analyst, having spent over seven years at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

Carlos has visited over a thousand coffee farms and is an experienced crop forecaster. Carlos holds a BSc economics from University of Buenos Aires and a MSc Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Craig holt

Craig Holt

Managing Partner and CEO, Atlas Coffee Importers Inc


Craig’s coffee career began in 1993, at Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters, where he worked in roasting operations and retail, before he eventually opened and managed their Atlanta roastery. After returning to Seattle, he worked as a trader for a small volume importing company. 

He co-founded Atlas Coffee Importers in 1998, with a focus on developing specialty coffee quality in partnership with growers, and connecting them to the market. 

At Atlas, he oversees origin relations, purchasing, quality control, and sales. He is an active volunteer for the Coffee Quality Institute, and Chairperson Emeritus of CQI’s Board of Trustees. 

He is also a Q Grader Instructor. The two things he fears most in this world are sharks and clowns.


David kastle

David Kastle

SVP Trading, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company


Based in Seattle, David oversees green coffee sourcing and quality assurance and manages decaf sales to roasters as well as to the matrix of importers, brokers and dealers who distribute Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffees worldwide.

Prior to coming to Swiss Water Process, David spent twelve years as a specialty coffee importer and trader and has worked over 25 years in the beverage industry, mostly in coffee (of course!) but also with a background in wines and spirits.

He is a fan of drip coffee, but won’t say ‘no’ to a macchiato.


David veal

David Veal

Executive Ambassador, Specialty Coffee Association


David studied Business Studies with Marketing and has spent most of his career working in the coffee industry, with brands such as Rombouts, Douwe Egbert and Lavazza, and running his own distribution company in the UK for 18 years. During that time he was Chairman of the UK based Beverage Standards Association, and led on their behalf a group of coffee buyers to Costa Rica. Then after selling his business he became Executive Director of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, a post which he has held for seven years.

During that time SCAE grew from under 1,000 members to nearly 5,000, introduced the world leading Coffee Diploma System education programme and evolved World of Coffee into a leading coffee event. More importantly, SCAE have spread their engagement with the world wide coffee community, directly through their members, and also through partnerships with other associations such as AFCA, and also with other bodies such as International Womens Coffee Alliance and Cup of Excellence.

Since the merger with SCAA into SCA David has also been acting as Executive Ambassador for the new association, and is currently responsible for engagement in Africa, coordinating several projects in Rwanda, including the purchase of land for a women’s cooperative with IWCA, and a project in Nyere Province in Kenya with Grounds for Health.


Eric thormaehlen

Eric Thormaehlen

President , Costa Rica’s Chamber of Coffee Exporters


Don Eric es el Presidente de la Cámara Nacional de Exportadores de Café, una de las organizaciones más prestigiosas del país, cargo en el que se ha desempeñado por más de 9 años.

Su vasta experiencia en la actividad cafetalera se inicia en el año 1987, después de haberse formado en Alemania (1983-1987) en Administración de Empresas.

Su trabajo ha estado íntimamente vinculado a la compañía exportadora CORICAFE S.A. empresa familiar referente para CAFÉ DE COSTA RICA, no sólo por su aporte en la comercialización de café, sino por distinguirse como la empresa nacional más grande del sector.

Su eterna preocupación por favorecer la sostenibilidad de la actividad cafetalera, lo han llevado a desempeñarse como miembro de la Junta Directiva del Instituto del Café de Costa Rica, de la Asociación de Cafés Finos de Costa Rica, así como de SINTERCAFE. Don Eric en su conferencia, hará ver los mecanismos que acompañan la ruta de comercialización del CAFÉ DE COSTA RICA, las razones por las que al amparo de una Ley única en el mundo, es posible seguir el camino del dólar cafetalero hasta las manos del productor que lo ha cultivado y cosechado.

Comprendiendo que la transparencia en la comercialización del café, es más que la evidencia del precio F.O.B en que fue comercializado.

La transparencia nos señala Don Eric, debe ser al final del día, la garantía absoluta de lo que efectivamente recibe el productor de café. CAFÉ DE COSTA RICA, se siente complacido de que Don Eric, revele a quienes nos acompañan en la edición 32 de SINTERCAFE como es en COSTA RICA la ruta transparente del dólar cafetalero.


Francisca cubillo

Francisca Cubillo Salas

Beneficio Ecológico Las Laja


Relacionada con la producción de café desde siempre, es un rol cultural al ser hija de un productor cafetalero,  por lo que pasión del café corre  por herencia  genética.

Casada con el también  productor Oscar Chacón Solano, iniciaron  un proyecto para procesar  su propio café, fueron  pioneros en la zona de Sabanilla de Alajuela en la región del Valle Central en el año del 2005. En un principio se trataba de una actividad de subsistencia y se buscaba una mejor remuneración en el precio del producto.

 Luego  con los años se abre una vitrina donde Las Lajas da un giro al mercado de especialidad  con el procesamiento de café mieles, pero lo que nos catapultó  en el mercado boutiques  en el  2009 fue el  café PERLA NEGRA, un proceso muy artesanal y no tradicional en la industrial costarricense de cafés lavados.

Hoy día la evolución ha sido tal que  Las Lajas presenta  tres diferentes tipos de Honeys Coffees: Yellow, Red y Hlack, dos perfiles de naturales Perla Negra y Alma Negra y más recientemente dos nuevos procesos: Yellow Diamond y Black Diamond, todos estos procesos en una gama de variedades tradicionales como Caturra, Catuaí , Villa Sarchi, y exóticas como el Sl-28, Borbónes e Híbridos.  

Además Las Lajas sea convertido en centro de interacción con Expertos de la Industria Cafetalera  que visitan la finca cada año en temporada de cosecha, con la oportunidad catar los diferentes procesos, variedades y preparaciones de café.


Guido fernandez

Guido Fernández

Executive Vice-president, Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, Inc.


He joined the coffee industry in 1997, leading Expocafé’s Trade Department, the cooperative’s exporter of Colombia. Then he moved to Canada where he continued supporting Expocafé, and at the same time he was a member of the committee of Risk Management of Basic Products of the World Bank.

In 2007 he moves to New York to handle Mitsubishi International Corporation’s coffee account for North America, and in 2016 goes back to his roots as Executive Vice-president of the Colombia Coffee Growers Federation, Inc, subsidiary of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia in New York.


Matthew daks

Matthew Daks

Director of Strategic Sourcing, Coffee & Tea National DCP


Matt Daks is the Director of Strategic Sourcing for Coffee and Tea at National DCP, the $2 Billion supply chain management cooperative serving Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees.  In his role, Daks develops and leads the strategies that supply roasted coffees and teas into more than 9000+ Dunkin’ Donuts franchises in the US.  He works closely with select suppliers and Dunkin’ coffee leaders to assure the health of the supply chain which delivers 80 cups of coffee each second to coffee lovers around the country.

Daks joined National DCP in January of 2016 as the Senior Category Manager for Coffee during which time he lead an RFP to find opportunities to optimize supply chains into NDCP’s Distribution Centers, deliver savings to its membership and improve upon the robust suppler base.  In addition, Daks has worked on a cross-organizational team to help lead Dunkin’s coffee quality and sustainability efforts.

Prior to joining NDCP, Daks had a career in coffee that spanned most aspects of the supply chain.  He worked as a barista at small premium micro-roasters, lead the coffee, tea and barista training program at one of the nation’s preeminent specialty coffee retailers, spent years in East Africa leading a coffee quality program spanning 4 countries and finally in the coffee trade, both as an exporter in Kenya and as an importer in the US.

Matt is driven by a passion for coffee, the people he shares it with and the global community that makes it all possible.


Nelson funez

Nelson Omar Funez Flores


Hondureño, Ingeniero Agrónomo de la Universidad Zamorano y Maestría en Economía Agrícola de la Universidad de Arkansas, USA. Además posee Post Grado en control de calidad y certificación como especialista en Cadenas de Valor. 

El Ing Funez cuenta con más de 25 años de experiencia profesional de los cuales 15 años han sido en la Cadena Agroindustrial del Café en Honduras y Mesoamérica. 

Es miembro de la Sociedad Mundial Honorifica de Agricultura Gamma Sigma Delta por sus aportes en materia de investigación y desarrollo. 

Ha fungido como Gerente Técnico del Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFE) por más de 10 años, fungió Coordinador General del Programa Regional de Calidad del Café del IICA-PROMECAFE y fue Gerente General del Programa de Desarrollo de Proveedores (PDP) del Consejo Hondureño de la Empresa Privada (COHEP) y el Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD).


Nolan hirte

Nolan Hirte

Cup of Excellence judge and a licensed Q-Grader, Proud Mary Coffee


Nolan Hirte is known internationally in the coffee industry, he is a Cup of Excellence judge and a licensed Q-Grader. Hirte is the brainchild behind the Proud Mary Coffee (PMC) brand that is known as the most prestigious brands in coffee culture globally. Hirte has built the company on the fundamental desire to do the right thing. PMC has serviced meals and drinks to over 2 million customers since its founding in 2009 in Melbourne Australia. A pioneer in the international coffee and cafe experience, having set new global standards in the sourcing and servicing of coffee products, in 2017 Hirte expanded internationally by bringing PMC to the epi-center of American Coffee Culture, Portland, Oregon.

Hirte’s drive and determination is driven by his desire to be part of a positive social change; give customers accessibility to some of the most exciting, rare and exotic coffees on the planet; deliver true flavour - unique in every cup; and provide industry specific education and support. Fun, innovation, relationships and education are at the core of the business structure and the brands' commitment to delivering a full service coffee experience that is unmatched. PMC consistently delivers quality products and mind-blowing experiences for their wholesale and retail customers in Australia and the USA. 


Rolando urena aguilar

Rolando Ureña Aguilar

Crop Solution Manager Yara Latinoamérica


El Ing. Rolando Ureña es egresado de la Facultad de Agronomía de la Universidad de Costa Rica, actualmente se desempeña como Crop Solution Manager de Yara para Latinoamérica, en su posición brinda el soporte y conocimiento como Agrónomo especialista en variedad de cultivos. Su trayectoria profesional en sus inicios incluye la enseñanza en Instituciones como la Universidad de Costa Rica y puestos de Dirección en la Escuela de Agronomía y Finca experimental del Centro Regional Universitario de Guanacaste; por más de 25 años se desempeñó en áreas comerciales de empresas líderes en el sector agronómico y agropecuario como Rhone Poulenc, Abonos del Pacífico y actualmente en Yara abarcando países de Centroamérica y Caribe. 

De naturaleza multifacética realizando diferentes actividades desde mecánico, profesor, agrónomo y su pasión la agricultura se ha forjado como un ser humano profesional e integral en diferentes áreas de su vida.


Stephen hawrylik

Stephen Hawrylik

Senior Commodity Manager, National DCP


Stephen Hawrylik is the Senior Commodity Manager for National DCP, the $2 billion supply chain management company serving the franchisees of Dunkin’ Donuts. His responsibilities include managing commodity risk across all categories, from coffee and wheat to paper products and fuel.  When Stephen joined the team at NDCP in 2015, he began implementing various derivative strategies into their hedge portfolio.

Hawrylik began his career at the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) in 2005 where he traded coffee electronically and on the floor for a successful proprietary trading firm. Since then, Stephen has held various speculative trading and hedging roles throughout the industry. In 2011, Stephen joined Coca-Cola Refreshments where he monitored and actively managed Coca-Cola’s energy and grains hedge programs.

Throughout his career, Stephen has refined and employed a variety of derivative strategies in commodities markets. These strategies mitigated risk, reduced price volatility, and at times generated revenue on both electronic and open-outcry platforms.

Stephen is a graduate of Boston College and currently lives in Atlanta, GA.


Susie spindler

Susie Spindler

Executive Advisor and former Executive Director, ACE


As Executive Advisor and former Executive Director of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc.

Susie was a founder and long time manager of the International Cup of Excellence® (COE) competition–auction program.

She has years of coffee producer and consumer marketing related experience having worked for the ICO and on several consulting projects at origin before COE. 

She has managed marketing research projects, been president of a small advertising agency and was marketing director of an endangered wildlife facility.

She holds a graduate degree from The Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management.


Tim schilling

Tim Schilling

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, World Coffee Research


Timothy Schilling is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Coffee Research, the world’s first global, collaborative agricultural R&D organization for coffee. A scientist and development expert, Dr. Schilling was the first to bring widespread attention in the coffee industry to the fact that coffee is an orphan crop: grown in poor countries, consumed in rich countries, and researched in neither.

Dr. Schilling galvanized the world coffee industry, worth $174 billion dollars per year, to recognize the potentially disastrous vulnerabilities it faced due to the lack of functional, global, open-source research and development programs that create new knowledge and technologies for the benefit of farmers. 

WCR was founded in 2012. In the few short years since its founding, Dr. Schilling has delivered tangible, pragmatic results to shore up the coffee industry’s goal to secure long-term sustainable supplies of high quality coffee. He has grown the nonprofit organization to encompass offices in France, the United States, and El Salvador, where WCR has also established a research farm. The organization has formed dozens of collaborative partnerships with coffee organizations, NGOs, and governments to execute applied R&D for genetic improvement and agronomic advancements for coffee.


Win thin

Win Thin

Senior Vice President, Investor Services, Brown Brothers Harriman


Win Thin is the Global Head of Emerging Markets Strategy and has over 25 years of investment experience.  

He has a broad international background with a special interest in developing markets.  Prior to joining BBH in June 2007, he founded Mandalay Advisors, an independent research firm that provided sovereign emerging market analysis to institutional investors.

Prior to that, Win was a vice president and international economist, covering major emerging markets in Asia and Latin America for Alliance Capital Management. He worked closely with portfolio managers to develop investment strategies.  

Before that, Win was a vice president and international economist covering emerging markets at HSBC.  Earlier in his career, Win worked at the U.S. Treasury and Columbia University.  Win received a Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University in 1995, specializing in International and Development Economics. 

He received an MA from Georgetown University in 1985 and a BA from Brandeis University in 1983.  His current research projects focus on developing and refining portfolio allocation tools for institutional investors.