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Villa Caletas

Villa Caletas Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel built in the middle of the rainforest, 350 meters above the vibrant Central Pacific coast. The hotel is appreciated not only for its location in the middle of nature but also for its design, decoration, restaurant and private beach. Get ready to have a lovely experience where the incredible views, the excellent facilities and the service are second to none.

Hotel is located 20 minutes away from Los Sueños Marriott.

* IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR MODIFY YOUR RESERVATION, PLEASE WRITE TO or call to +506 2630-3000 or +506 2257-3653 *
** Please do not proceed to cancel you reservation by website or call center **


Room Type 1 person 2 persons
Standard $230  Inc. Tax. $245 Inc. Tax.
Deluxe $265 Inc. Tax. $280 Inc. Tax.
Villa $315 Inc. Tax. $330 Inc. Tax.
Junior Suite $405 Inc. Tax. $420 Inc. Tax.
Superior Junior Suite $455 Inc. Tax. $470 Inc. Tax.


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