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Presentations 30th Anniversary


Thursday, 10th

  • Mr. Colman Cuff: Inauguration, "A Roaster’s View: Celebrating our History and Uniting for the Future of Specialty Coffee" [PDF]
  • Mr. Mario Arroyo, "Café de Costa Rica: Sustainable by itself" [PDF]
  • Mr. Andrés Padilla, "Finding The New Normal: Consumer Trends & Insights in Coffee" [PDF]
  • Mr. Pablo E. Vargas, "Grupo Britt, Survival-led innovation…" [PDF]
  • Mr. Gustavo Moretti, "Brazil: the largest coffee player is doing the job" [PDF]
  • Mr. Joost Pierrot, "Latest trends in certified coffees" [PDF]
  • Mrs. Francesca Pellis, "30 years Sintercafé - 30 years relationship between Illycaffé and coffee producers" [PDF] [VIDEO]
  • Mr. Bill Murray, "The Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act." [PDF]


Friday, 11th

  • Mr. Michael Wheeler, "Specialty Coffee Trends in Europe" [PDF]
  • Mrs. Julia Leach, "Cold Brew - Taking A Closer Look" [PDF]
  • Mrs. Olga L. Cuellar G, "Sustainable Sourcing: a continuous improvement journey" [PDF]
  • Mr. Albert Scalla, "Global Coffee Trends: supply and demand" [PDF]