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One online ticket.
Unlimited access throughout the event.

$120 + IVA




3 online ticket.
Unlimited access throughout the event.

$180 + IVA


* Corporate Pass payment includes 3 full registrations. You will receive your access data for the event, and two extra coupons, that you can share with anyone you’d like to invite. Each of your guests will have to register through our web page using that coupon, in order to get his/her access data for the event. Each coupon is for a single use, so please avoid to share it with more people.

ATTENTION: Since July 2019; Sintercafé will charges the Value Added Tax (VAT) in all the concepts we offer, due to the new Law #9635 (Strengthening of Public Finances https://www.hacienda.go.cr/docs/5c07dd2965e11_ALCA202_04_12_2018.pdf).
This tax will be applied to registrations, stands and sponsorships.

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Registration Fee: $120.00 + $15.60 (13% IVA)
Total Amount : $135.60