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There will be three versions of the virtual stands. All of them designed to have the best experience.

Please donwload the brochure below for better understanding the following directions.

The three versions include:

  • 2 registrations
  • Contact zone: the participant would be able to open a chat window with the stand staff, and he/she will receive a message to his/her WhatsApp. Like this, if the stand staff is not in front of the computer in that moment, there is no risk of missing the message of the potential costumer. 
  • Personalized video: the participant will be able to enter in the screen option and will see a video (provided by you)
  • Info zone: here we can download a brochure and product and contact information


Option 1: $750 +13%IVA

Includes all the above, and in product zone there would be a static picture of product. 


Option 2: $1,350 +13%IVA

Product zone V2: Product picture in 2D with a zoom in and zoom out option (part of the product you want to highlight)


Option 3: $2,250 +13%IVA

Product zone V3: Product picture in 3D and a code similar to QR one. The participants will be able to see the product in 3D from any device (all cell phones have this option) and move it to see it.