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Research and Development: the driving force in 200 years of Café de Costa Rica

Eng. Miguel Barquero, Jefe de la Unidad de Investigación ICAFE
June 9, 2021 - 10am CST

Café de Costa Rica will show you the most relevant results of research and technological development of the past years, for the benefit of the Costa Rican coffee sector. ICAFE and Café de Costa Rica are the center of the coffee industry, providing services to the coffee sector and developing projects through public and private alliances and international cooperation. Discover the great work that have been developed in these 200 years of coffee activity, and the importance of the democratization of the knowledge.



Upcoming Conferences

  • Coffee S/D Outlook: Sharper production cycles meet demand recovery

    Mr. Carlos Mera, Senior Commodity Analyst, Rabobank
    Julio 14, 10am CST / 11am EST / 9am Costa Rica

    The downcycle in Brazil is not only expected to be lower than the last downcycle, but it might also herald a new era of more marked cyclicality in the top coffee producer. At the same time, the downcycle coincides with a period when the developed economies are emerging out of the Covid-19 nightmare, and many could return to traditional consumption patterns and channels. The new ways of drinking coffee developed during the pandemic will still be there (more home machines, drive-throughs, online ordering, abonnements, etc) and demand could climb more than expected.

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  • A glance to coffee exports, from a shipping company´s perspective

  • Mr. Luiz Cabezas, Gerente Comercial MSC Costa Rica
    August 11, 10am CST / 11am EST / 9am Costa Rica

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  • Challenges & Opportunities of the Coffee Industry in Central America as it moves forward to prosperity

    Mr. René Gómez, PROMECAFÉ
    September 14, 10am CST / 11am EST / 9am Costa Rica

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  • Coffee Demand Trends in North America after the pandemic


    Mr. Matthew Barry, Senior Consultant - Drinks & Tobacco  y Ms. Catherine Krol, investigation analist,  EUROMONITOR
    October 13 10am CST / 11am EST / 9am Costa Rica

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  • Dry milling solutions

    Mr. Raul Morales – Gerente de ventas para café, Bühler
    Mr. Enrique Nieto – Director de ventas Sortex, Bühler
    October 27 10am CST / 11am EST / 9am Costa Rica

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  • Economic Overview

    Mr. Fernando Soto, BBH
    November 10 10am CST / 11am EST / 9am Costa Rica

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