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Sintercafé 2017 - Videos / Conferences

Friday, November 10th

  • Coffee Brews Sustainability at McDonald’s
    Mr. Townsend Bailey, Director, U.S. Sustainable Sourcing, McDonald's USA, LLC 
  • Café de Costa Rica: When traceability means transparency
    Mrs. Xinia Chavez, Vice President, ICAFE 
  • Coffee Consolidation Accelerates
    Mr. James Watson, Senior Analyst - Beverages, RABOBANK 
  • Strengthening the Links of the Coffee Value Chain
    Mrs. Kimberly Easson, Strategic Director of the Partnership for Gender Equity, CQI, 
    Mr. Kyle Newkirk, S&D 
  • The importance of Coffee in Guatemalan Economy and the current situation of its Productivity and Sustainability
    Mr. Ricardo Arenas, President, ANACAFE 
  • Growing Sustainably: Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Today and Tomorrow
    Mrs. Ellen Rogers, Senior Manager of Commercialization, Coffee and Beverages, Dunkin Donuts 
  • Evolution of coffee defects and technological advances for sorting
    Mr. Alvaro Vinicio Pineda López, Advisor for technical and industrial sales, Delta Technology
  • Calibrating Coffee Cuppers
    Mr. Dan Cox, President and Founder, Coffee Enterprises
    Mr. Spencer Turer, Vice President, Coffee Enterprises

Saturday, November 11th

  • Coffee: A look forward to 2030
    Mr. José Sette, Executive Director, ICO 
  • Global sustainability of the coffee chain
    Mr. Roberto Vélez Vallejo , Executive Director, FNC Colombia 
  • Taking Charge of Sustainability
    Mr. Daniele Giovanucci, President, COSA 
  • The Global Coffee Situation, Supply and Demand in a Tumultuous World
    Mrs. Hannah Rizki, Head of Coffee Research, Volcafe 
  • Café de Peru: outlook and growth
    Mr. Hugo Valdivia, Chief Operations Officer, HVC Exportaciones 
  • Active Collaboration: Examples of How Sustainability Theory Becomes Practice
    Mrs. Kim Elena Ionescu, Director of Sustainability, Specialty Coffee Association, 
    Mrs. Raina Lang, Director of Sustainable Coffee Markets, Conservation International, 
    Mrs. Mary Petitt, Global Coffee Platform

  • Economics & Capital Markets Update
    Mr. Fernando Soto, Asistente Vicepresidencia, Asesoría de Investigación Latinoamérica, Brown Brothers Harriman 
  • The New Rainforest Alliance: Innovation, Impact and Efficiency
    Mr. Alex Morgan, Global Director of Markets Transformation, Rainforest Alliance