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  • Let's Share a Coffee - Episode 1
    Mr. Juan Diego Araya, Commercial Manager, ECOM Costa Rica

    Is coffee in trouble? Juan Diego Araya, Commercial Manager at ECOM Costa Rica, tells us about the present and future of Costa Rican coffee.

  • Let's Share a Coffee - Episode 2
    Mr. Craig Holt, Atlas Coffee Importers

    Is coffee in trouble? Craig Holt from Atlas Coffee Importers gives us his opinion about how consumers have dealt with coffee purchase during the pandemic.

  • Let's Share a Coffee - Episode 3
    Mrs. Xinia Chaves, Executive Director, ICAFE

    Our first episode in Spanish with our guest Xinia Chaves, where she shares how Café de Costa Rica has surpassed many challenges through the work of ICAFE alongside the coffee sector to drive innovation.

  • Let's Share a Coffee - Episode 4
    Mrs. Marcela Porras, Roble Sabana Coffee

    In this episode, we have a nice chat with Marcela Porras about how to manage a specialty coffee brand, and promote the participation of women in coffee production and gender equality.

  • Let's Share a Coffee - Episode 5
    Mr. Jorge Quintanilla and Mr. Hugo Villela

    Check out our second spanish episode with our guests Jorge Quintanilla and Hugo Villela, in which we talk about how pricing and strategy has played a huge part this year in the coffee sector.

  • Let's Share a Coffee - Episode 6
    Mrs. Noelia Villalobos, Directora Ejecutiva, SINTERCAFE

    Noelia Villalobos, una de las mentes detrás de Sintercafé nos dice todo lo que necesitás saber acerca de la edición de este año.