NOVEMBER 13-16 2019


Header presentations 2017


Friday, 10th

  • Mr. Townsend Bailey: Inauguration, "Coffee Brews Sustainability at McDonald’s" [PDF]
  • Mr. Andrés Padilla, "Finding The New Normal: Consumer Trends & Insights in Coffee" [PDF]
  • Mr. James Watson, "Coffee Consolidation Accelerates" [PDF]
  • Mrs. Kimberly Easson, "Strengthening the Links of the Coffee Value Chain" [PDF]
  • Mr. Ricardo Arenas, "The importance of Coffee in Guatemalan Economy and the current situation of its Productivity and Sustainability" [PDF]
  • Mrs. Ellen Rogers, "Growing Sustainably: Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Today and Tomorrow" [PDF
  • Mrs. Susie Spindler, "Exploring the Impact of Cup of Excellence" [PDF]
  • Mr. Alvaro Vinicio Pineda López, "Evolution of coffee defects and technological advances for sorting" [PDF]
  • Mr. Spencer Turer, "Calibrating Coffee Cuppers" [PDF]
  • Mr. Dan Cox, "Calibrating Coffee Cuppers" [PDF]


Saturday, 11th

  • Mr. José Sette, "Coffee: A look forward to 2030" [PDF]
  • Mr. Roberto Vélez Vallejo, "Global sustainability of the coffee chain" [PDF]
  • Mr. Daniele Giovanucci, "Taking Charge of Sustainability" [PDF]
  • Mr. Hugo Valdivia, "Café de Peru: outlook and growth" [PDF]
  • "Active Collaboration: Examples of How Sustainability Theory Becomes Practice"
    - Mrs. Kim Elena Ionescu [PDF]
    - Mrs. Raina Lang [PDF]
    - Mrs. Mary Petitt [PDF]
  • Mr. Fernando Soto, "Economics & Capital Markets Update" [PDF]
  • Mr. Alex Morgan, "The New Rainforest Alliance: Innovation, Impact and Efficiency" [PDF]