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ATTENTION: Since July 2019, Sintercafé will charges the Value Added Tax (VAT) in all the concepts we offer, due to the new Law #9635 (Strengthening of Public  Finances https://www.hacienda.go.cr/docs/5c07dd2965e11_ALCA202_04_12_2018.pdf).
This tax will be applied to registrations, stands and sponsorships.


Position your brand at this renowned coffee event and gain exposure to over 500 decision makers from all over the world. By supporting an event in a coffee producing country, attendees will recognize your company’s leadership and commitment to quality.

Sintercafe represents every actor of the coffee chain from producers and exporters to roasters and retailers. Let them all see you!

Simply choose where and we will make it happen!

Your brand will be on display in the front of the conference room where the audience can see it at all times; you will see your logo while passing through the hallway, when having a look at the program, on the table during lunch, and even on the lanyards worn by all attendees at the conference!

  • Lunches
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lounges
  • Lanyard
  • Badge insert
  • Sponsorship + Meeting Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Sintercafe's Smartphone APP
  • Insert in Welcome Bag

For more information about prices and benefits, please download our brochure. You can get more information at: sponsorships@sintercafe.com